Different Types of Web Hosting Companies

You might be reading this article for more details on how to choose top hosting companies. The process of comparing and contrasting web hosts is an art. That is because there are so many hosting companies to choose from. Many people feel confused about the services offered by web hosts. With hundreds (if not thousands) of web hosts, things can be very confusing.

“Technical terms” add to the confusion. When you come across best hosting companies, you will see terms like DNS, bandwidth and GB. These are jargons that can discourage anyone easily. As your company begins to grow, your web hosting requirements will increase. The needs will become extremely complicated. That is when inexpensive or free web hosting plans become less useful. If you want to drive more traffic to your website and become real market leaders, you should compare the market’s best hosting services.

With this being said, here are few common types of services and hosting plans for businesses.

#1 Shared Hosting

Shared best web hosting reviews is nothing but a shared service. Your website will be run on servers that are shared by several others. What makes shared web hosting useful would be “shared costs”. You don’t have to pay more than 5-10 USD every month. The only drawback of shared web hosting would be “compromised performance”. If you are trying web hosting services for the first time, shared web hosting will be good.

                Bluehost is one of the market’s most famous and reputed business for shared hosting.

#2 Reseller Hosting

Reseller web hosting companies are similar to shared hosting services. However, resellers have newer and better tools. They will help you resell hosting spaces! Reseller packages are loaded with technical control. The services are ideal for clients with billing applications. Few perks in reseller hosting packages are:

  • Plenty of free website templates
  • Flawless technical support
  • Private DNS or name servers

Reseller hosting packages are sold between 15 and 30 USD. The final cost depends on resource limits and features.

#3 Cloud Based Hosting

Cloud based web hosting is a new technology. This is where hundreds of servers work together. Cloud is an interesting concept that focuses on growth. The best thing about cloud is that you can handle huge volumes of traffic effortlessly. Even if a server is down, your website will run! That is because there are so many individual servers working together. Cloud web hosting runs on the pay-for-what you use model.

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